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Chat with MediumDean - Tarot Reading and Karmic Astrology in United Arab Emirates online. 15-20 years of practice in Karmic Astrology. * * NO TOOLS NEEDED * * LEGENDARY WORLD RENOWNED MEDIUM * * As I have said million times: I am here to help and guide You - NOT TO ENTERTAIN!!! PLEASE Do not come to my free chat just to take your time, cuz I will BAN You!! Come if you are serious about your problem and I AM HAPPY TO HELP AND GUIDE You in PRIVATE CHAT! Try to imagine: More hundreds ppl everyday - everyday in your free chat and they are pushing you, with: "may I ask a question?, - Can I have a card?, - U need to help me!, - I want you to answer my question...etc....etc ( it wastes your energies and you will become powerless), and ooops someone will take you to a private reading and you need to focus to that client and you need to solve his/her problem(s). COULD YOU DO IT ??? PLEASE RESPECT ME AND RESPECT THOSE CLIENTS WHO REALLY NEEDS HELP, cuz I need to give my best knowledge for Those Clients!!! Thanks for your understanding! ►GRADUATE ALTERNATIVE ( A +) LIFE COACH AND 5 STARS MEDIUM WITHOUT TOOLS! ►WHY AM I A DIFFERENT PSYCHIC: I DO NOT GIVE YOU PREDICTIONS ONLY - I GIVE YOU THE SOLUTION!!! NO CHIT - CHAT IN FREE = LOWER PRICE FOR PRIVATE READING! ►►►IMPORTANT INFO, PLEASE READ IT !!!!!! ►THE FIRST AND THE MOST IMPORTANT INFO: I DO NOT CHAT WITH EVERYONE IN FREE CHAT!!! ►WHEN YOU SEE ME IN FREE CHAT, PLEASE STOP BY AND SAY HI IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO. I APPRECIATE IT SEEING ALL OF YOU. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT THE MORE I COMMUNICATE IN FREE CHAT THE MORE IT TAKES AWAY MY GREAT ENERGIES I HAVE TO OFFER YOU IN PRIVATE. I AM HERE IN FREE CHAT TO LET YOU KNOW I AM AVAILABLE AND WILLING TO HELP, BUT PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT I DO NOT CHAT WITH **EVERYONE** AND IT SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN PERSONAL. IF I USE MY ENERGIES IN FREE CHAT WITH YO, IT ONLY LESSENS WHAT I CAN GIVE YOU IN PRIVATE READINGS. YOU CAME LOOKING FOR THE BEST, AND I AM HERE, READY TO GIVE THAT TO YOU. IF YOU DO NOT RESPECT THIS SIMPLE RULE, I WILL KICK OUT OR BAN YOU. ►THIS ISN’T A CIRCUS I DON’T ENTERTAIN- I’M HERE TO HELP- PLEASE CLICK ON THE PRIVATE READING BUTTON IF YOU NEED HELP. ►I DO NOT DO FREE READINGS, PLEASE DO NOT EVEN ASK FOR IT! THANKS FOR YOUR KIND UNDERSTANDING! ABUT MY SERVICES: ►CHOOSE FROM THESE GREAT OFFERS: * PROFESSIONAL LIFE COACH * TAROT AND GIPSY CARD MASTER * WORLD RENOWNED SPIRITUAL TEACHER * TAROT CARD READING * GIPSY CARD READING * AKASHA ►NO FAKE MARKETING, NO CREDIT WASTING...ETC ►I AM A LIVIN' LEGEND IN THIS PROFESSION ►LOOK AT MY FEEDBACKS PLEASE - IT WILL HELP YOU TO DECIDE WHETHER YOU WOULD LIKE AN ACCURATE, DETAILED READING WITH ME. ►SOME OF THE FEEDBACK: " I can not begin to describe the talent and positive energy that radiates from Dean. He is as honest as they come. He is passionate about the people he helps and he wants the best for you! He tells you the truth, gives you advice on how to improve negative aspects in your life and he is so kind and sweet. It can be hard to find a gifted individual who is not in it for the money but Dean is definitely the real deal! I will recommend him to anyone! I wish you were online more often Dean you are a wonder soul!! ˇ / Nina/ Dean is my favourite reader. If you want a full fledged reading, take your mind off all your worries in the world, make yourself some tea and watch him amaze you with his deep readings! He never seizes to surprise me with accuracy- and you have to tell him nothing- he just knows! :) He's real ;) /manijhe, London/ SUCH AN AMAZING READER! He saw EVERYTHING. Don't know how he does it, but he just read the situation so clear and accurately. Get a reading! He's so spot on!!! / Lisa/ ►HOW TO FIND THE BEST PSYCHICS: Everyone wants to know what their future brings, and whether their life is headed on the right path or not. That’s why so many people turn to psychics. I would like to provide a number of tips that should help you in your own search for a great psychic reading: ** If you receive a very general reading and are given information that can be applied to every man and his dog /cat, you know its not one to continue with. A legitimate psychic reader will provide SPECIFIC DETAILS that relate to your life and they won’t ask you too many questions. ** Real Psychics do not use Angel cards for readings. - It is good for fun, but they were not made for psychic readings. ** Please note: We are not Harry Potter or any other Magicians, We are humans just like You. :) For Psychic – Medium readings I can use the Akashic records, ( Only some people are able to read it all over the world) It can give you the deepest reading about your life, destiny, karma, family karma and information about passed people. Let me tell you a couple of things about my job and about the decks I use. I would like to share my opinion with you which reading is better and why. I believe, the cards are able to show you a way for a better life, but You also need to know that what the cards say / show is about 85 – 90% true and important and there is the most important 15 – 20% that are our decisions! We can show you the way for a better life and a way out of the problems – but I / We can not do anything if you make another decision. We can see the past correctly, because the past is past, we can also see the present clearly – but the future is always changeing – you have your own decisions! Please note before you start a psychic reading: do not wait for the decks to make your life better – You need to make your life better – I / we can just show you a path that is easier and where you can express your dreams, - plans, - desires. ►ABOUT THE GIPSY DECK: Why this one is good for simple psychic reading: I can see your past clearly, whether there is /are blocks what you brought to the present. If we can understand it, I can give you advice how to fix your life. ►ABOUT THE TAROT DECK: In most of people's minds, „Tarot card reading” means a woman in flowing robes, leaning over a small table in a candlelit room, foretelling impending doom. BUT this is not really what Tarot decks are about. In fact, they are not even really meant to tell your the future and fortune! The Tarot cards are able to show you a way or ways /path for a better life and also able to show you how you can fix your life. But what does that mean? In question readings, you are addressing a specific question. Tarot is not intended to answer specific yes or no questions. Most say it also shouldn't be used to make decisions, but instead it should be used as a guide to help you make the decision yourself. For this reason, the way a question is stated is very important. ►ABOUT MYSELF: Many times in our life, the universe sends us a message; however we either do not understand or do not want to accept these messages. My abilities are a gift from God and it is my Karma to help people to find the best path in their life. When I was a young child my family saw that I was different, but since I was so young, they thought I was just playing games. I did not understand my abilities and did not practice using them until later in life. As I grew older, I started noticing that I was different than other people. I knew things and could read the cards with accuracy. At first I started doing card readings for my friends and my family. They kept telling me how accurate I was, that the things I was predicting were coming true just as I had told them. More people were coming to me for readings. I began to work on the TV as a Clairvoyant and Tarot Card reader. The more I used my abilities, the stronger they became. One day I quit using the cards to do readings and was able to rely only on Akasha. Akasha is like the library of souls. Everyone’s life is written in Akasha. Then came a time in my life where I was pronounced dead. I was brought back to life, but then pronounced dead again. After this, I found that I have the ability to communicate with people who have passed on. Many Blessings and Hugs Dean

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